Dan Sparks

Dan Sparks Computer Support Technician


Has your computer got a virus or some kind of malicious data? Or is your computer running slow because of unwanted files?

Problems with Software or Games?

Bugs? Software faults? Not working at all?

Problems with Hardware?

Computer not turning on? Certain componants not working e.g CD drive?

Weekly computer maintance blog

Dan will write a weekly blog giving examples on how to do a certain computer fix or a software shortcut.

Got any of these problems?

Send Dan Sparks an email. Dan does free email support and also gives hands on support at a good rate for people in the Hastings/St Leonards area.


About Dan Sparks

Dan Sparks is a 19 year old computer fanatic, having years of experience in programming, computer support and hardware and software. Dan has studied computing at a 6th form college insitution and gained the highest grade achievable. He also is going to University to study Computer Science in September 2014.

Dan Sparks

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